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i've been feeling really down in the dumps lately. pretty much ever since i got through with exams, i just haven't felt happy even though i've been getting out of the house and doing stuff. sometimes i feel like trying to talk to people about it but i'd just end up bawwing. i don't really know what it is but signs are pointing to the birth control because i have this lingering anxiety and i feel like crying all of the time. i just don't feel like me. ._. i felt like this around exams and thanksgiving too but i figured that it was just the stress of getting a bunch of things done and passing my classes.

my neck was really bothering me yesterday. it was odd, it'd just be random flares of really sharp pain and it'd only happen while i was standing up. it doesn't seem to be bothering me anymore but i'm still curious as to what that was all about.

yesterday was just not a good day at all. the shitty thing is, i can't even pinpoint what was bad about it. i just feel emotional all the time. it's like it gets in the way of me enjoying shit.

this birth control really is a trade-off. DX emotional rollercoaster or throbbing cramps... i can't decide what's worse.

i'm going to talk to my mom about it this afternoon. i'm honestly tempted to just stop taking the damn things now, i'm tired of just sulking for no damn reason without really understanding WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME.

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