wheazie (wheazie) wrote,


i'm not going to take the pill anymore. i figured it was pointless to have the stuff in my system when i wasn't even... er, doing anything, anyway. i'm also tired of feeling like crap constantly. i think i'll keep the cramps.

gonna talk to my lady doctor about it next month for suggestions on something else but i think i'm done with it until i decide that i need it again.

i also got my grades in. so far i have an A in french, an A in geology, and an A in art; i have a C in math and my anthropology grade hasn't been posted yet. my gpa is a 3.5 right now. hopefully it'll raise a little higher once my anthro grade is posted.

i'm pretty happy with my grades besides math obviously, but i only needed a C to take the next course. i wanna get these stupid maths out of the way. :/ ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO!

i also paid off my tuition fees today, which only amounted to about 160 dollars. hooray scholarships!

going to play wii summore. i'm addicted. ._.
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