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i don't even try to come up with journal titles anymore!
i slept in until almost 2 pm today. i just feel so tired and achey. i'm blaming PMS [which, by the way, is now a little irregular since i jumped off birth control. NNNNNG. DX] because it's so easy to blame everything on PMS.

i sent off a few packages on friday to kimi, mandy and ren. those should all make it there by christmas. i also sent off one to april a while ago but those are the only ones that i've been able to send. :/ so much for trying to send things off in a timely fashion this year. i suck ass!

the bigger packages have been taking a little longer since i'm trying to scrape up a little money for shipping, and putting them together also requires a little more time. x3 but they're coming.

i'm probably going to deliver seth's christmas present today and then i'm going to work on my mom's present. sounds like a plan.
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