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it's el dorado, gais

so i figured i'd update people on how life has been going since christmas, considering i've not been online at all other than to reply to notes. and well, you see, there's this little game that's taking up my entire time, and it's called uncharted: drake's fortune.

oh. my. sweet. lord. baby. JESUS.

i had mixed feelings about it when i first started playing. like, really mixed feelings. to be blunt, i kept going "dammit, man" because i was having a very difficult time just getting used to the game. i was never good at... er... shooting games where you run around, reload, zoom in, aim, etc. etc. to translate: i'm a huge pussy that sucks at realistic games. that's also why i sat back watching david play metal gear most of the time, but that's not the point man. the game was pretty much kicking my ever loving ASS on easy mode for the first 20% of the game, because, well, you know, naughty dog is notoriously famous for their insane difficulty curves since jak II. not to mention the entire atmosphere was just different. i was seriously trying to get used to the fact that naughty dog made this game, hoping that i wouldn't keep sucking ass at it and really hoping that it would get better for me if i kept playing.

well, shit got better insanely fast. i got to the point where it was actually fun for me [cuz i was used to the controls by then] at around 40% and i've been playing my ass off ever since. the game is also gorgeous and i hate to be a fangirl but dammit, nate is sex on legs and elena is probably the best female lead in the entire world for me. i obviously expected that this game would have an awesome variety of characterization, and it's oddly refreshing to see naughty dog work with such a mature atmosphere. they were getting there with the jak games but this has obviously set the mark for them.

i really don't know where i'm going with this other than way to fucking be awesome, naughty dog. oh, and, TO MY ENTIRE FRIENDS LIST, IF YOU OWN A PS3, AT THE VERY LEAST, HIRE OUT THIS GAME AND PLAY IT BECAUSE YOU WON'T FUCKING REGRET IT.

must resist urge to do fanart.


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