wheazie (wheazie) wrote,

new yeaaaars and a nickelback rant

yeah, i don't really have any plans for new years. maybe drink some booze and doodle. i've never actually tried doing that before, so we'll just call it an experiment. lolz.

i'm listening to biggie's greatest hits. it's quite awesome.
also, nickelback's newest album is a fucking joke. i'm so glad i didn't get that shit for christmas. it's terrible. talk about mainstream sellouts. i love mainstream shit every once in awhile, but come ON, does every other track have to be about getting head and fucking girls, you horny bastards [here i am knocking this and i'm listening to biggie, but that's not the point! biggie's supposed to rap about getting head and fucking girls, that's his territory!]? i remember when your music had substance. serious substance. you guys did a huge 180 on me, especially YOU, chad.

i dunno, i'm just really fucking disappointed. i used to really love these guys. they were funny and great in concert, and i'd love to go to another show except for the fact that they'd be regurgitating this shitty album now.

for some reason, i don't mind the amount of sexual content in rap music but i really hate it in rock music. i guess because i like rock music to be lyrically illustrative and deep, whereas rap music gives me that instant dose of badassery when i want it.

SIGH. back to biggie and page 29.
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