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well, i'm back at school now. i only had one class today, my history 112 class. it's U.S. history again... from the reconstruction until the 1960's. :/ maybe i can turn in all of my old essays from chandler's class...? lawl. if i can even find any of them...

everyone kept making fun of the prof. he's a little old man and he's really softspoken. he seems nice, though. not overly interesting but i don't really care i guess, i kind of like history anyway. it doesn't take much to draw my interest when it comes to this.

we're supposed to do some kind of presentation for the end of the semester but he said it could be on anything... interviewing someone from a war era or other interesting time period, writing an essay, giving an oral presentation on some random theme... i was thinking about assessing the historical accuracy of a movie. i wonder if valkyrie would be a good choice? *I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ERIN!* :P

i was just thinking valkyrie because:
a.) i've been wanting to see it anyway
b.) if there was a time period that interests me most, it's this

ohhhh wow, i'm tired. david and i slept at my house for like, three hours. i'm still sleepy!

DX 4 classes tomorrow, back to back. oy!
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