wheazie (wheazie) wrote,

omfguh sorry, lots of bawwing and shit

uhhhhhn. waking up at 6am every other day really bites balls. really. then "sleeping in" until 7:30 on the other days really feels glorious until i come home completely exhausted from four classes back to back.

i really suck at this scheduling shit, you know. lul.

ok but holy shit. so i had calculus yesterday. at 9:30 in the damn morning. i got to SCHOOL at 9:30, running late, circling the lot for a place to park, only having to park in the middle of boonfuck nowhere AKA across the street. lol student driving, it's so amazing.

also, calc teacher? weird as fuck. i could go on and on. but i think i'll be ok at the material, really. i just thank god that she can speak ENGLISH.

also also, english? what the fuck, columbian education administration. english 102, for the past decade, has been a literature class with english 101 being the argumentative and persuasion essay class. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE IT THE YEAR I HAVE TO ENROLL IN ENGLISH IN COLLEGE. it's... fuck. i'm going to go on a bawww-fest and complain a lot now. i fucking hate writing argumentative essays. i'm not politically minded at all. at all. i don't tend to research these kinds of things on my own in the first place. i'm not good at writing about controversial topics. i just don't like it i guess. i guess because almost every controversial discussion i've ever had with anyone just annoys the hell out of everyone involved.

i hope that me not liking the material won't... really hinder my work too much. because i really don't want to drop this class, it's not like i really have a choice. it's just. blah. just not my thing. i also get intimidated all over again with new english teachers because with each one, there is a formula of writing that either goes over well with them, or it just bombs.


also also also. what the fuck, ms. martek. i know you love geology and all but holy shit, i think letting FOURTY-TWO PEOPLE take your class is a bit much given the fact that the classroom size is only big enough to accomodate 25 students comfortably, max.

i hope some people get pissed and decide to drop the class. that's just ridiculous.

no complaints about french yet. ha, yet.

tuesdays and thursdays? that is my life. it will be the fucking death of me.

also also also also, i had history today and i hate it when you're like, zoned the hell out and you get called on and this whole abyss of silence just pounds at your head because you can't think of the right answer. the good news is, he seems to really enjoy the bullshit i pull from my ass. everything's a legit answer to this guy. it's pretty awesome. i think my bullshittery just may kick itself up a notch or two!
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