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holy hell, so much happened today. SO MUCH IN ONE DAY, i can barely contain it.
i might be getting a job assisting my geology teacher. the pay is crap, around 7 bucks an hour for 10 hours a week but hey, it's money and it's a little work experience, you know? plus i don't mind chilling with martek all day, she's cool beans dipped in awesomesauce. it's a big, big 'maybe' though because she's got to ask one of the deans, so there's a somewhat high chance that i won't get the job. it's kind of exciting to think about in any case. she needs a helper though, so as long as the deans clear it, i'm in. i hope they let me.

also, calculus quiz? aced that shit.
no history class tomorrow. we actually don't even meet until next friday. winnage! i also get to see david for the first time in days. s'kinda important when you hang out with your other half everyday usually. it's like something's wrong with my day if i don't at least talk to him, which we haven't really done either. blah, i can't wait to see him tomorrow.

i feel like i'm actually making new friends at uni now, too. megan was pretty much my only friend at lancaster but i'm starting to hang out with her, her boyfriend and some of her other friends and it's insanely fun. i've also been finding more friends of my own in other classes. it just feels awesome when you meet new people. it's refreshing. insanely refreshing.

toos also informed me that i got 3rd place in marit's contest. wasn't expecting that at all, but that's also awesome! so many great things happening today!

to update on other things outside of uni, david's getting steady overtime now whenever he wants it so that's great news. it means he can save up for school like he wants to do, finally.

also, bailey got operated on yesterday, they took the growth off of her leg that had been there for awhile. poor dog's been very drowsy lately, and her appetite isn't quite back yet. she's lost almost 20 pounds. she's dangerously thin, but she's really sick... hopefully the vets will be able to find out what's ailing her. poor baby. i've never seen her so sick. :'C it breaks my heart.

sigh. i've been at school for TWELVE HOURS oh god why. loool. school is fun though now, at least. showa tiem!
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