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[21 Jan 2009|11:13am]

today already sucks.

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[20 Jan 2009|09:43pm]
so saw 5 really sucks.

but you guys knew that already.

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[20 Jan 2009|01:53am]
there's like an inch of snow outside.

my ass is staying home tomorrow.

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dude [15 Jan 2009|08:48pm]
holy hell, so much happened today. SO MUCH IN ONE DAY, i can barely contain it.
i might be getting a job assisting my geology teacher. the pay is crap, around 7 bucks an hour for 10 hours a week but hey, it's money and it's a little work experience, you know? plus i don't mind chilling with martek all day, she's cool beans dipped in awesomesauce. it's a big, big 'maybe' though because she's got to ask one of the deans, so there's a somewhat high chance that i won't get the job. it's kind of exciting to think about in any case. she needs a helper though, so as long as the deans clear it, i'm in. i hope they let me.

also, calculus quiz? aced that shit.
no history class tomorrow. we actually don't even meet until next friday. winnage! i also get to see david for the first time in days. s'kinda important when you hang out with your other half everyday usually. it's like something's wrong with my day if i don't at least talk to him, which we haven't really done either. blah, i can't wait to see him tomorrow.

i feel like i'm actually making new friends at uni now, too. megan was pretty much my only friend at lancaster but i'm starting to hang out with her, her boyfriend and some of her other friends and it's insanely fun. i've also been finding more friends of my own in other classes. it just feels awesome when you meet new people. it's refreshing. insanely refreshing.

toos also informed me that i got 3rd place in marit's contest. wasn't expecting that at all, but that's also awesome! so many great things happening today!

to update on other things outside of uni, david's getting steady overtime now whenever he wants it so that's great news. it means he can save up for school like he wants to do, finally.

also, bailey got operated on yesterday, they took the growth off of her leg that had been there for awhile. poor dog's been very drowsy lately, and her appetite isn't quite back yet. she's lost almost 20 pounds. she's dangerously thin, but she's really sick... hopefully the vets will be able to find out what's ailing her. poor baby. i've never seen her so sick. :'C it breaks my heart.

sigh. i've been at school for TWELVE HOURS oh god why. loool. school is fun though now, at least. showa tiem!

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omfguh sorry, lots of bawwing and shit [14 Jan 2009|09:40am]
uhhhhhn. waking up at 6am every other day really bites balls. really. then "sleeping in" until 7:30 on the other days really feels glorious until i come home completely exhausted from four classes back to back.

i really suck at this scheduling shit, you know. lul.

ok but holy shit. so i had calculus yesterday. at 9:30 in the damn morning. i got to SCHOOL at 9:30, running late, circling the lot for a place to park, only having to park in the middle of boonfuck nowhere AKA across the street. lol student driving, it's so amazing.

also, calc teacher? weird as fuck. i could go on and on. but i think i'll be ok at the material, really. i just thank god that she can speak ENGLISH.

also also, english? what the fuck, columbian education administration. english 102, for the past decade, has been a literature class with english 101 being the argumentative and persuasion essay class. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE IT THE YEAR I HAVE TO ENROLL IN ENGLISH IN COLLEGE. it's... fuck. i'm going to go on a bawww-fest and complain a lot now. i fucking hate writing argumentative essays. i'm not politically minded at all. at all. i don't tend to research these kinds of things on my own in the first place. i'm not good at writing about controversial topics. i just don't like it i guess. i guess because almost every controversial discussion i've ever had with anyone just annoys the hell out of everyone involved.

i hope that me not liking the material won't... really hinder my work too much. because i really don't want to drop this class, it's not like i really have a choice. it's just. blah. just not my thing. i also get intimidated all over again with new english teachers because with each one, there is a formula of writing that either goes over well with them, or it just bombs.


also also also. what the fuck, ms. martek. i know you love geology and all but holy shit, i think letting FOURTY-TWO PEOPLE take your class is a bit much given the fact that the classroom size is only big enough to accomodate 25 students comfortably, max.

i hope some people get pissed and decide to drop the class. that's just ridiculous.

no complaints about french yet. ha, yet.

tuesdays and thursdays? that is my life. it will be the fucking death of me.

also also also also, i had history today and i hate it when you're like, zoned the hell out and you get called on and this whole abyss of silence just pounds at your head because you can't think of the right answer. the good news is, he seems to really enjoy the bullshit i pull from my ass. everything's a legit answer to this guy. it's pretty awesome. i think my bullshittery just may kick itself up a notch or two!

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fjklajdlfjfa [13 Jan 2009|11:05pm]
not going to be very active for awhile. i can't promise i'll be on AIM a whole lot either. school = dead jenz.

also, Kai? do you still wanna do that phone call? we could do it early morning for me, night time for you or something like that this time around. :P

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schoo' [12 Jan 2009|06:40pm]
well, i'm back at school now. i only had one class today, my history 112 class. it's U.S. history again... from the reconstruction until the 1960's. :/ maybe i can turn in all of my old essays from chandler's class...? lawl. if i can even find any of them...

everyone kept making fun of the prof. he's a little old man and he's really softspoken. he seems nice, though. not overly interesting but i don't really care i guess, i kind of like history anyway. it doesn't take much to draw my interest when it comes to this.

we're supposed to do some kind of presentation for the end of the semester but he said it could be on anything... interviewing someone from a war era or other interesting time period, writing an essay, giving an oral presentation on some random theme... i was thinking about assessing the historical accuracy of a movie. i wonder if valkyrie would be a good choice? *I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ERIN!* :P

i was just thinking valkyrie because:
a.) i've been wanting to see it anyway
b.) if there was a time period that interests me most, it's this

ohhhh wow, i'm tired. david and i slept at my house for like, three hours. i'm still sleepy!

DX 4 classes tomorrow, back to back. oy!

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[11 Jan 2009|12:48pm]
today is laundry day and drawing in between doing laundry day.

i'm taking my laptop out of my room so i won't be tempted to procrastinate.

but first, i needs to burn a cd. :

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[11 Jan 2009|02:06am]
i think i've annoyed someone or hurt someone's feelings without meaning to at all... dammit. maybe i should just shut the fuck up for awhile. i seem to be rather off-putting lately.

and instead of whining in my journal, maybe going to bed. i can't really seem to want to do anything productive at the moment.

this winter break has kind of sucked big ones. i guess that's my own fault, though, looking back. way to bring in the new year too, you fucking asshat.

i really hate myself right now.
sleep would probably make me feel better.

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yep. [09 Jan 2009|06:39pm]
i'm going to try some new birth control pills. my doctor gave me a sample of leostrin. i'll probably start taking it pretty soon. hopefully they won't make me feel like yaz did.

i went to olive garden today; my mom and i split a mixed grill dish. it was so freaking awesome. i got david some soup to go, and some mucinex from foodlion. he's got a nasty cold. :< everyone's getting sick, it seems like.

today hasn't really been bad... just kind of odd. different emotions for different things. today felt kind of surreal somehow.

school starts back mondaaaaay, i can't wait. i'm tired of being at home for so long, lol. ;A;

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eek [07 Jan 2009|04:14am]
there must be lots of heavy winds outside or something. the house is creaking and it's kind of creepin' me out. i can't sleep.

think i'm gonna take break from the internet. at least visit less frequently. i seem to procrastinate too much sometimes. got a line of commissions waiting to be finished too, i don't wanna get behind like i always seem to do.

i wish i had someone to talk to at the moment. not likely i'll find anyone at this hour though unfortunately.

sorry for all of the short journals and all. it helps me cope with things sometimes.

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wow. [07 Jan 2009|12:50am]
so much for today. today was also lame, if not twice as much.

i really want to talk to leah but she's not on.

also, mabi with toos today was probably the highlight of my day. i also learned that i'm bad at killing wolves! and giant spiders. gotta work on leveling up. i'm so bad at these games, lawl.

maybe uncharted and a shower will relieve some stress. cuz there's lots of it at the moment.

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sigh [05 Jan 2009|09:26pm]
i want it to be tomorrow.

today was lame. really lame.

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soooo [05 Jan 2009|12:42am]
with her magic thrust powers and sexy gestures, leah got me in on mabi with tooz and it's really fucking fun.

i really have nothing other to say than i'm glad to be back home, going to newbern in one weekend is really draining and my sleeping schedule is so fucked that it's retarded.

oh yeah, caitlin paid me to do an uncharted commission so i'm going to be having fun with that, too. :P yay!

short journal is short.

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new yeaaaars and a nickelback rant [31 Dec 2008|03:58pm]
yeah, i don't really have any plans for new years. maybe drink some booze and doodle. i've never actually tried doing that before, so we'll just call it an experiment. lolz.

i'm listening to biggie's greatest hits. it's quite awesome.
also, nickelback's newest album is a fucking joke. i'm so glad i didn't get that shit for christmas. it's terrible. talk about mainstream sellouts. i love mainstream shit every once in awhile, but come ON, does every other track have to be about getting head and fucking girls, you horny bastards [here i am knocking this and i'm listening to biggie, but that's not the point! biggie's supposed to rap about getting head and fucking girls, that's his territory!]? i remember when your music had substance. serious substance. you guys did a huge 180 on me, especially YOU, chad.

i dunno, i'm just really fucking disappointed. i used to really love these guys. they were funny and great in concert, and i'd love to go to another show except for the fact that they'd be regurgitating this shitty album now.

for some reason, i don't mind the amount of sexual content in rap music but i really hate it in rock music. i guess because i like rock music to be lyrically illustrative and deep, whereas rap music gives me that instant dose of badassery when i want it.

SIGH. back to biggie and page 29.

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UNF UNF UNF [27 Dec 2008|09:59pm]

I BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF UNCHARTED. and let me just say "fuck YES."

now that i have some closure, i feel like fanarting my ass off.

oh gais, look at what naughty dog has done to me again. ; ;

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it's el dorado, gais [27 Dec 2008|03:00pm]
so i figured i'd update people on how life has been going since christmas, considering i've not been online at all other than to reply to notes. and well, you see, there's this little game that's taking up my entire time, and it's called uncharted: drake's fortune.

oh. my. sweet. lord. baby. JESUS.

i had mixed feelings about it when i first started playing. like, really mixed feelings. to be blunt, i kept going "dammit, man" because i was having a very difficult time just getting used to the game. i was never good at... er... shooting games where you run around, reload, zoom in, aim, etc. etc. to translate: i'm a huge pussy that sucks at realistic games. that's also why i sat back watching david play metal gear most of the time, but that's not the point man. the game was pretty much kicking my ever loving ASS on easy mode for the first 20% of the game, because, well, you know, naughty dog is notoriously famous for their insane difficulty curves since jak II. not to mention the entire atmosphere was just different. i was seriously trying to get used to the fact that naughty dog made this game, hoping that i wouldn't keep sucking ass at it and really hoping that it would get better for me if i kept playing.

well, shit got better insanely fast. i got to the point where it was actually fun for me [cuz i was used to the controls by then] at around 40% and i've been playing my ass off ever since. the game is also gorgeous and i hate to be a fangirl but dammit, nate is sex on legs and elena is probably the best female lead in the entire world for me. i obviously expected that this game would have an awesome variety of characterization, and it's oddly refreshing to see naughty dog work with such a mature atmosphere. they were getting there with the jak games but this has obviously set the mark for them.

i really don't know where i'm going with this other than way to fucking be awesome, naughty dog. oh, and, TO MY ENTIRE FRIENDS LIST, IF YOU OWN A PS3, AT THE VERY LEAST, HIRE OUT THIS GAME AND PLAY IT BECAUSE YOU WON'T FUCKING REGRET IT.

must resist urge to do fanart.



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MERRY BIRTHDAY, JESUS [25 Dec 2008|02:15pm]
i'm going to be a lame whore and name everything i got for christmas right the fuck now because IT'S AWESOME:

- jewelry [earrings, mainly]
- scrubs, seasons 1 and 3
- the dark knight
- lots of clothes, shirts, hoodies, pajamas, boots, jeans, tons of awesome shit
- a red coach purse
- ps3
- tools of destruction
- uncharted
- soul calibur
- mario and luigi, partners in time [DS]
- phantom hourglass [DS]
- 135$

and i can't forget the lovely gifts from my bebes. <3
from Kai: badass mushroom plush, figurine, keychain [to go with my orange one from last year, lolz!] and volume 6 of FMA! oh, and a little mushroom pin! :P
from Alice: fucking 2 disc special PIMPED OUT EDITION of batman begins, five cds and a pretty pretty art of dezi&may that is now on my wall!
from Mandy: JOKER PINS! they're all on my little white tote, screaming with awesome sauce! and a lovely card. <3
from Caitlin: freaking badass mario plush! it goes with my mushroom plush that Kai got me, lulz!

thanks so much to Alice and Kai [since i don't know if Mandy will see this and Caitlin doesn't have a lj that i know of], your packages were so awesome and my family always loves seeing the things that you guys send me. xD i'm so sorry that i didn't send both of your things off in time for the holidays, that pretty much shows how unreliable i am at that kind of stuff. i'll try to send them out as soon as possible once i get a chance to ship them off. ; ; but again, thank you thank you thank yooooou so much for everything, you ladies are so wonderful and kind!

this year was really fun and i got a great haul as usual, but i seriously was NOT expecting that purse after mom shelling out for the ps3 and those games. it really floored me because i only loosely mentioned to her in the store "oh hey, that's a pretty cool purse" and that was the end of that. i didn't expect it at all but it's really, really pretty. she also said it was to congratulate me on my grades. ._. shit, man.

now to get dressed and go see the boyfriend!

oh, and i bet you guys didn't see this coming at all, but i've already watched the dark knight once today. DON'T TELL ME YOU SAW IT COMING BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T! :P

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so far... [25 Dec 2008|01:48am]
christmas is awesome this year. i haven't really felt the spirit of the season up until now when we all gift exchanged at david's house. they open all of their presents on christmas eve, so i got to open the things they got me. so far, i've got a pretty wicked haul that consists of sexy joker prints and a joker shirt, other clothes, an awesome purse and random things that include a customizable license plate holder. lulz.

oh, and a 10k diamond ring with a white gold band.


seriously, i bawled. i'm glad he didn't give it to me in front of his family, because i hate crying in front of people, even if they're happy tears. it's a really special gift and i knew he was getting me some jewelry but i didn't realize it'd be this nice. i thought he was just going to get me something with my birthstone in it which would have been just enough, hell, even just a plain old necklace, but christ, a diamond! it's really pretty. ; ; it's not coming off my hand, ever. it really makes me feel special, that he did that for me...

david, if you're reading this, i love you very much and i can't believe you shelled out for a ring like this [YOU DAMN FOOL!] but i love it very, very much. i dunno if the mini system i got you holds a candle in comparison to what you got me but i still hope you like it, lulz. <3

also, i felt like the gift exchange was a lot more fun with his family this year because i knew everyone better. i felt more comfortable. it was just really fun.

not to mention midnight mass this year was really nice. it's usually a nice service but there was something extra nice about it this year. maybe it was the vietnamese choir, lol. it was just cool.

i think i'm going to keep rocking out to pearl jam until i fall asleep. merry christmas, guys. <3

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rrg [22 Dec 2008|01:54pm]
i don't even try to come up with journal titles anymore!
i slept in until almost 2 pm today. i just feel so tired and achey. i'm blaming PMS [which, by the way, is now a little irregular since i jumped off birth control. NNNNNG. DX] because it's so easy to blame everything on PMS.

i sent off a few packages on friday to kimi, mandy and ren. those should all make it there by christmas. i also sent off one to april a while ago but those are the only ones that i've been able to send. :/ so much for trying to send things off in a timely fashion this year. i suck ass!

the bigger packages have been taking a little longer since i'm trying to scrape up a little money for shipping, and putting them together also requires a little more time. x3 but they're coming.

i'm probably going to deliver seth's christmas present today and then i'm going to work on my mom's present. sounds like a plan.

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mmm! [20 Dec 2008|01:31pm]
manj got me incense for christmas! it's so awesome. i like watching the smoke. xD i never looked into it before because i figured that the smell would bother my parents [there's lots of incense burning at my church and they always complain about the smell] but my mom said that it wouldn't bother her. woo hoo!

i got her some sleep therapy stuff cuz she's always stressed out. she seemed pretty happy about it. xD i love gift giving.

yesterday was kind of eventful. i took david to get his eye exam done so that he can get his license. his vision in his right eye is like 20/500 and the vision in his left eye is 20/50. it's pretty cracked out, i don't see how he can go without wearing glasses like he does. poor baby. :c

then we just stayed at manj's for around 3 hours. it mainly consisted of playing with manj's puppy, making cookies, and laughing at step brothers.

which btw, i usually hate will ferrell movies but jesus christ, step brothers was hilarious. *thumbs up*

i'm going to be lazy today because starting tomorrow, i'm going to be very busy until christmas.


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[18 Dec 2008|07:48pm]
mmm, i bought this smelly good stuff at bath and body works yesterday and it's so amazing. i bought some midnight pomegranate spray and shower gel and i've been using both in dangerously high amounts. lawl.

i don't really know why i'm telling my f-list this. i'm just rejoicing at the fact that it smells awesome.

oh yeah, and seth bought me a new mouse for my lappie! my other one was sucking balls so he got me one for christmas. it's awesome, i love it. :B THANKS SETH.

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[18 Dec 2008|03:46pm]
so i'm noticing a really crappy trend when it comes to me and those cheap 16 cent packs of ramen. they make me terribly sick. yuck!

i had some while i was over at david's today because they apparently like to starve since there's never any food. i've noticed that they made me feel sick everytime i ate them but nothing like this. ew.

i hate stomach issues. DX i'm going to lay down for a while.

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well [17 Dec 2008|06:58pm]
i'm not going to take the pill anymore. i figured it was pointless to have the stuff in my system when i wasn't even... er, doing anything, anyway. i'm also tired of feeling like crap constantly. i think i'll keep the cramps.

gonna talk to my lady doctor about it next month for suggestions on something else but i think i'm done with it until i decide that i need it again.

i also got my grades in. so far i have an A in french, an A in geology, and an A in art; i have a C in math and my anthropology grade hasn't been posted yet. my gpa is a 3.5 right now. hopefully it'll raise a little higher once my anthro grade is posted.

i'm pretty happy with my grades besides math obviously, but i only needed a C to take the next course. i wanna get these stupid maths out of the way. :/ ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO!

i also paid off my tuition fees today, which only amounted to about 160 dollars. hooray scholarships!

going to play wii summore. i'm addicted. ._.

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bawww [17 Dec 2008|12:35pm]
i've been feeling really down in the dumps lately. pretty much ever since i got through with exams, i just haven't felt happy even though i've been getting out of the house and doing stuff. sometimes i feel like trying to talk to people about it but i'd just end up bawwing. i don't really know what it is but signs are pointing to the birth control because i have this lingering anxiety and i feel like crying all of the time. i just don't feel like me. ._. i felt like this around exams and thanksgiving too but i figured that it was just the stress of getting a bunch of things done and passing my classes.

my neck was really bothering me yesterday. it was odd, it'd just be random flares of really sharp pain and it'd only happen while i was standing up. it doesn't seem to be bothering me anymore but i'm still curious as to what that was all about.

yesterday was just not a good day at all. the shitty thing is, i can't even pinpoint what was bad about it. i just feel emotional all the time. it's like it gets in the way of me enjoying shit.

this birth control really is a trade-off. DX emotional rollercoaster or throbbing cramps... i can't decide what's worse.

i'm going to talk to my mom about it this afternoon. i'm honestly tempted to just stop taking the damn things now, i'm tired of just sulking for no damn reason without really understanding WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME.


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MARIO [15 Dec 2008|10:29pm]
so david, megan and myself are going to go to fort mill tomorrow to see booboo. i can't wait, everything is always for the lulz everytime we go to fort mill. megan's driving this time though, i hate driving in fortmill. it's teh suxx0rz. city repairs get, plz.

also, i'm playing super paper mario for the wii right now. i got the game as a graduation present but i've only just started playing it. it's so fucking awesome, i love it to death. the storyline is cracked out as always but i really love the gameplay in it. it's really fun.

yeah... i'm going to go play wii now. WOOWOO.

also, my myspace is in the process of being deleted. bye bye, jen'z myspace.

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[14 Dec 2008|11:36am]
i feel really tempted to delete my facebook and myspace with each passing day. i don't exactly find joy in it. i never really did - sometimes i liked going on myspace to talk to old friends but i just feel uncomfortable with having a facebook for some reason. i think this is me being antisocial again, or maybe it's because of the fact that i have so many friends on facebook and i've never said a word to them, JUST LIKE IN REALITY! i don't know, ugh.

this time of year always makes me antsy anyway for various reasons that i don't really want to disclose. it's just garbage that i'm still trying to get over, anyway.

i just made myself irritable in a matter of 3 minutes. WAY TO GO JEN.

that's it, i'm fucking deleting everything. i'm tired of it all, anyway. i may have a change of heart later, but for now i just can't stand either site for some reason.

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[13 Dec 2008|10:38pm]
[22:26] Meebo Message: ohpickuptrucks is offline
[22:38] Meebo Message: ohpickuptrucks is online
[22:38] ohpickuptrucks: oops
[22:38] ohpickuptrucks: got busy with my cookies
[22:38] ohpickuptrucks: i stuck my penis in that
[22:38] airpOpped: lmfao

the chat to end all chats.

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CHRISTMAS IS COMING [13 Dec 2008|11:54am]
oh and shit. i don't think some people are going to get packages before christmas this year. i'm going to mail them off monday, NO LATER! so that means working on putting them all together today. egads.

also, david got a new phone [a really nice one too, dammit] yesterday which makes it a little easier to keep in touch with him. oh joi.

darrrr, i'm hungry and i've been cleaning all morning. i suck at updating.

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[10 Dec 2008|09:31pm]
SO I AM DONE FOR THE SEMESTER AND IT FEELS BANGING. i took my anthro and math exams today. they were really fucking hard but OH WELL, i'm done and that's all i care about. woot woot. tomorrow is boyfriend and jak 2 day and friday is getting packages ready to send off and cleaning day. BOTH WILL CONSIST OF LOTS OF SLEEP.

oh and watching youtube poops when i'm not sleeping or eating probably.


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[09 Dec 2008|11:18pm]
holy crap, gais. i sold two pieces of artwork from this semester's portfolio for $220! hellz yeah! it was kind of random, my prof approached me and said "o hai these doods wanna buy your shit, you've got 10 minutes to name your prices." it was awesome man. i can't wait to get that check in the mail, haha!

math and anthro exams tomorrow. :S i'm scurred, y'all. i've been studying math quite a bit so i hope i do decently...

i'm really tired. i'm going to bed.


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procrastination at its finest [08 Dec 2008|11:38pm]
[23:35] airpOpped: lol
[23:36] airpOpped: i dunno, i suck
[23:36] daveylolz: its okay
[23:36] daveylolz: we call cant be winners
[23:36] airpOpped: ...
[23:36] daveylolz: all*
[23:36] airpOpped: fail
[23:36] daveylolz: fuck i suck
[23:36] airpOpped: haha
[23:36] daveylolz: i can win either
[23:36] airpOpped: ...
[23:36] daveylolz: CANT
[23:36] daveylolz: GOD
[23:36] daveylolz: WTF
[23:36] airpOpped: this shit's going on livejournal man
[23:36] daveylolz: BUDDY BITCH
[23:37] daveylolz: LOL
[23:37] airpOpped: in the word's of adam sandler
[23:37] airpOpped: they're all gonna laugh at you
[23:37] airpOpped: you buddy bitch
[23:37] daveylolz: well
[23:37] daveylolz: thats why he hasnt made a new movie in a while
[23:37] airpOpped: *rimshot*

back to this damn geology paper now.

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derr [07 Dec 2008|07:28pm]
i miss david.


studying for french is nao.

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RAH [07 Dec 2008|04:13pm]
i managed to put up with my dad's bitching all weekend to newbern and back. i am practically unstoppable. granddad seems to be in good health though, so that's good. we're probably going to go there again during new year's with jimmy, and i think bailey might even come too. i dunno yet. that would at least make the trip more amusing.

but oh gawd, i have a french exam tomorrow. i also have an entire chapter of workbook pages to do. procrastination, YOU IS SO BEAUTIFUL! and commissions, lots of commissions this year man. i think i'll get started on those now.

i'm now going to giggle with Marit on the interbutts now and work on her commissions. :B

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[02 Dec 2008|09:56pm]
i'm very tired. i think i may be catching something too. i feel kind of congested and my throat feels a little raw.

going to newbern this weekend. kind of looking forward to it, but kind of not at the same time. i need more music to put on my iPod.

today was pretty much my last 'big' day as far as turning stuff in goes. i finished my portfolio after staying up until 2 and waking up again at 8 this morning to e-mail some stuff and organize everything.

i'm also a tad concerned about my grade in math. i'm aiming for a C and i think that's what i'll get at the very least... i was kind of shooting for a B though. oh well. i always suck at math. that will never, ever change. i'm going to study my butt off for this final though, seriously. i want to make a B on it since i'm pretty sure an A won't happen, so i'll shoot for a B minus, dammit.

i have A's in the rest of my classes though. go me.

i'm really really tired.

oh yeah, and tonight's episode of NCIS was kind of boring. i think they're doing filler eps now that lee is gone. man, those last 3 episodes were so freaking amazing. holy broiled whoppers, batman.

my mom wants NCIS fanart for christmas so i think i'll start on that later on this week when i feel less... dead?


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[29 Nov 2008|02:05pm]
yeah, so i definitely went shopping for black friday yesterday at 5 in the morning. i wasn't really out to buy anything huge, but i knew clothes and games would be cheap. gamestop had a sale on used games, buy two get one free! so i got three games for 17 bucks but they're for david. xD

chyeah. i kind of feel like being productive today. my art portfolio is begging to be worked on but i just... ugh. thinking about school just stresses me out. i hate fall semesters, i always get so worked up with school and the holidays combined. y_y;

i reckon i'll work on some presents that i can post off to people since i need to be doing that this week.

also, Kai, no sign of your pillow yet. considering that i put the order in on november 12th, it's safe to say that it may not arrive in time for me to mail it off before christmas given the delivery system they're using. but here's hoping! :C I'M HOPING REALLY HARD.

now to maybe... draw things. :U and hope that it doesn't turn to crap.

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THANKSGIVING [27 Nov 2008|01:43pm]
BRB FOOD!!1111


edit: i just ate half my weight in food and i think i need a tranquilizer oh shit this bites balls.

time to call the people friends n' wish 'em a happy thanksgivin'. FUUUUUUCK MY BODY IS GOIN TO ESPLODEEEEE

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i'm just doing this because it's stupid [22 Nov 2008|11:07pm]
yeah, i'm just doing the quiz to completely shit on whoever made it because their logic fails and i like shitting on people's logic.

QUIZCollapse )

that thing was pretty lame.
anywho, i went christmas shopping for my family and friends today. i still need to go back and finish that up soon, perhaps tomorrow. my family is so hard to shop for sometimes. xD

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[22 Nov 2008|02:41am]
things are looking up as far as stress goes. kind of. at least with my social life anyway. school is still a bitch to be reckoned with but i can handle school as long as everyone around me is doing alright. lulz. ignore the previous entry.

also, i have an assload of remixes downloaded because i'm a dork but i needed new music and they're all so sexy.

i'm so tired, fucking bed, IT IS TIME FOR YOU.

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kinda long-ish entry [21 Nov 2008|10:37am]
this has been a really scary, crappy week, man. it mainly consisted of me freaking out and losing a lot of sleep over stress and school. not to mention there's been all of this other stress floating around my friends and i don't even want to TRY to explain because it physically wears me out. seriously, i don't know if i even want to try to understand some people anymore at this point. i have this lingering feeling of stress and anxiety so i keep trying to distract myself but it's quite difficult.

a part of me wonders if it's just been so much stress accumulating or if it's a side effect of my birth control pills. it's probably too early to say but i've been feeling pretty on edge and extremely down lately. i'm hoping it's just stress from finals and other stupid things going on and that it'll clear up once thanksgiving comes around. : / i'll be damned if stupid crap is getting in the way of thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving. ; ;

also, bailey's got cancer i think. :'C it really tears me up inside. she has this cancerous form on her leg and the vets are still trying to figure out if it's something malignant or if it's just a benign thing that can be removed. me and my mom are going to take her to the vet tomorrow. jimmy called me yesterday and said that bailey wasn't eating her food at all so that makes me really worried. it makes me wonder if she's in any kind of pain at all... i don't know, i just wonder what jimmy would do without bailey. she is 9 years old but i still think that it'd be too soon for her to go. :'C i guess that's the price of getting a white boxer; their recessive genes make them more vulnerable to sickness and diseases. it just makes me really sad. y_y

and this cold weather bites. i hate winter.

i had my french oral exam yesterday and i kind of bombed it when it came to the future tense. i always do that when i speak it. it's messed up. so i felt pretty discouraged about that yesterday too. at least it's over though, that's what i was freaking out so badly about.

in other not-so-depressing news, I HAVE CONVERTED ANOTHER SOUL INTO THE JAK FANDOM. i sold david my psp with daxter since i hardly played it in the 2 years that i had it, and he got really stoked on the game. so we went out and he bought a copy of jak 2 for 10 bucks at gamestop and now that's what we're playing together since he was curious to see 'what happened next.' lulz.

as a result of that it kick-started a jak addiction for me again. D: oh noes.

i also feel a cold coming on. time to fight off that shit with some orange juice. CHYEAH!

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[13 Nov 2008|09:15pm]
[21:13] airpOpped: i'd just gained faith in humanity
[21:13] airpOpped: then it drops 50 points
[21:13] airpOpped: so now we're down to...
[21:13] airpOpped: -800000000
[21:13] Keysha Kitty: .....
[21:13] Keysha Kitty: IT'S UNDER 9000!!!!!!!!
[21:13] airpOpped: ...
[21:13] airpOpped: you so fucking went there
[21:13] Keysha Kitty: I'M SORRY!
[21:13] airpOpped: lmfao
[21:13] Keysha Kitty: IT WAS TOO TEMPTING! :DDDDDD
[21:14] airpOpped: BLOGGING THAT ONE
[21:14] Keysha Kitty: YES!
[21:14] Keysha Kitty: :D
[21:14] Keysha Kitty: I GET BLOGGED!!!!

put a cherry on top of that and you have an epic conversation!

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[12 Nov 2008|02:53pm]
wow, ok firefox, stop being a massive prick and making my pages look like some archaic shit from 1994. it's not appreciated.

this has been a pretty shitty week. i bombed a math quiz today and yesterday in critique i got slammed, but that's ok. i don't really care.

i have an oral presentation in french next thursday and an anthro exam next wednesday. :C things are starting to pile up. then a math exam and geology exam the following week before thanksgiving.

THANKSGIVING BREAK, WHERE ARE YOU, I NEED YOU. :C fucking finals, they're going to kill me.

i think this week, i'm going to christmas shop for friends which means ordering things online and going to the mall friday to pick some things up. word.


school, stop sucking nads.

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[10 Nov 2008|10:34pm]
i've gone and lost my pencil/makeup/multipurpose pouch! fucking hell.
i noticed it went missing thursday but i figured i'd try looking around big time yesterday and it never turned up. it's not so much that i lost the pens and shit in it, but i had a spare key in there. it sounds so ridiculous, but i ALWAYS have that thing with me [you can see how well that shit worked out] so that's where my spare car key went.

that and it was an expensive assed pouch with some expensive assed makeup. but that's not the point. looks like i have to go get another key made sometime. damn keyless entry, it sucks nads, and i'm such a doofus that i tend to lock my keys in my car every once in awhile. SIGH.

oh yeah, and did i mention that i have a crapload of artwork due tomorrow? haha, yeah, no, i'm so fucked. yay procrastination!

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[06 Nov 2008|07:57pm]
i've been a huge slackass when it comes to school, seriously. i just skipped math today because i didn't feel like making the trip. it gets really hard to find the motivation to go to school sometimes when it takes 20 minutes to get there and it's only one class, for fuck's sake.

today was pretty fun in some parts.
i have nothing to report. i'm such a boring person. :U

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[04 Nov 2008|11:14pm]
obama is now mr. president!

i'm glad it's over. NOW LET'S SEE WHAT YOU GOT, BAMMY! :B

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