wheazie (wheazie) wrote,

i feel really tempted to delete my facebook and myspace with each passing day. i don't exactly find joy in it. i never really did - sometimes i liked going on myspace to talk to old friends but i just feel uncomfortable with having a facebook for some reason. i think this is me being antisocial again, or maybe it's because of the fact that i have so many friends on facebook and i've never said a word to them, JUST LIKE IN REALITY! i don't know, ugh.

this time of year always makes me antsy anyway for various reasons that i don't really want to disclose. it's just garbage that i'm still trying to get over, anyway.

i just made myself irritable in a matter of 3 minutes. WAY TO GO JEN.

that's it, i'm fucking deleting everything. i'm tired of it all, anyway. i may have a change of heart later, but for now i just can't stand either site for some reason.
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