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manj got me incense for christmas! it's so awesome. i like watching the smoke. xD i never looked into it before because i figured that the smell would bother my parents [there's lots of incense burning at my church and they always complain about the smell] but my mom said that it wouldn't bother her. woo hoo!

i got her some sleep therapy stuff cuz she's always stressed out. she seemed pretty happy about it. xD i love gift giving.

yesterday was kind of eventful. i took david to get his eye exam done so that he can get his license. his vision in his right eye is like 20/500 and the vision in his left eye is 20/50. it's pretty cracked out, i don't see how he can go without wearing glasses like he does. poor baby. :c

then we just stayed at manj's for around 3 hours. it mainly consisted of playing with manj's puppy, making cookies, and laughing at step brothers.

which btw, i usually hate will ferrell movies but jesus christ, step brothers was hilarious. *thumbs up*

i'm going to be lazy today because starting tomorrow, i'm going to be very busy until christmas.

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