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so far...

christmas is awesome this year. i haven't really felt the spirit of the season up until now when we all gift exchanged at david's house. they open all of their presents on christmas eve, so i got to open the things they got me. so far, i've got a pretty wicked haul that consists of sexy joker prints and a joker shirt, other clothes, an awesome purse and random things that include a customizable license plate holder. lulz.

oh, and a 10k diamond ring with a white gold band.


seriously, i bawled. i'm glad he didn't give it to me in front of his family, because i hate crying in front of people, even if they're happy tears. it's a really special gift and i knew he was getting me some jewelry but i didn't realize it'd be this nice. i thought he was just going to get me something with my birthstone in it which would have been just enough, hell, even just a plain old necklace, but christ, a diamond! it's really pretty. ; ; it's not coming off my hand, ever. it really makes me feel special, that he did that for me...

david, if you're reading this, i love you very much and i can't believe you shelled out for a ring like this [YOU DAMN FOOL!] but i love it very, very much. i dunno if the mini system i got you holds a candle in comparison to what you got me but i still hope you like it, lulz. <3

also, i felt like the gift exchange was a lot more fun with his family this year because i knew everyone better. i felt more comfortable. it was just really fun.

not to mention midnight mass this year was really nice. it's usually a nice service but there was something extra nice about it this year. maybe it was the vietnamese choir, lol. it was just cool.

i think i'm going to keep rocking out to pearl jam until i fall asleep. merry christmas, guys. <3
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