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i'm going to be a lame whore and name everything i got for christmas right the fuck now because IT'S AWESOME:

- jewelry [earrings, mainly]
- scrubs, seasons 1 and 3
- the dark knight
- lots of clothes, shirts, hoodies, pajamas, boots, jeans, tons of awesome shit
- a red coach purse
- ps3
- tools of destruction
- uncharted
- soul calibur
- mario and luigi, partners in time [DS]
- phantom hourglass [DS]
- 135$

and i can't forget the lovely gifts from my bebes. <3
from Kai: badass mushroom plush, figurine, keychain [to go with my orange one from last year, lolz!] and volume 6 of FMA! oh, and a little mushroom pin! :P
from Alice: fucking 2 disc special PIMPED OUT EDITION of batman begins, five cds and a pretty pretty art of dezi&may that is now on my wall!
from Mandy: JOKER PINS! they're all on my little white tote, screaming with awesome sauce! and a lovely card. <3
from Caitlin: freaking badass mario plush! it goes with my mushroom plush that Kai got me, lulz!

thanks so much to Alice and Kai [since i don't know if Mandy will see this and Caitlin doesn't have a lj that i know of], your packages were so awesome and my family always loves seeing the things that you guys send me. xD i'm so sorry that i didn't send both of your things off in time for the holidays, that pretty much shows how unreliable i am at that kind of stuff. i'll try to send them out as soon as possible once i get a chance to ship them off. ; ; but again, thank you thank you thank yooooou so much for everything, you ladies are so wonderful and kind!

this year was really fun and i got a great haul as usual, but i seriously was NOT expecting that purse after mom shelling out for the ps3 and those games. it really floored me because i only loosely mentioned to her in the store "oh hey, that's a pretty cool purse" and that was the end of that. i didn't expect it at all but it's really, really pretty. she also said it was to congratulate me on my grades. ._. shit, man.

now to get dressed and go see the boyfriend!

oh, and i bet you guys didn't see this coming at all, but i've already watched the dark knight once today. DON'T TELL ME YOU SAW IT COMING BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T! :P
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